Overwatch's Tracer Has a Girlfriend

Did you know Blizzard releases free, official issues of Overwatch comics? These digital delights offer insights into the characters and game’s story. There are already 10 of them! The tenth might just be one of the most important issues, as it reveals an important detail about one of the game’s most prominent characters. Tracer, the cover girl and mascot, has a girlfriend.

Volume 10 of the Overwatch comic, titled Reflections, brings this up in a rather subtle way. After doing some good, stopping some crime, Tracer races to pick up a scarf as a gift from a store. She doesn’t get it and goes home to a woman, named Emily, empty handed. Except, she did end up getting the scarf for her after all, and the couple share a loving kiss on the couch. It’s super sweet and handled quite well.

This Overwatch: Reflections comic is full of special moments and insights. A look into Tracer’s love life isn’t the only important thing. For example, we see Genji write a letter that finds its way to Mercy. Torbjorn has a wife. It looks like Reinhardt might even be a grandpa. Winston and Tracer consider each other family! This was a great issue to offer up during the holiday season.

Source: Overwatch

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 12/21/2016

12/21/2016 04:25PM


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