GTA Online's Kuruma Exploit Is Gone
Grand Theft Auto Online

A popular money making method has been removed from Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar Games has patched the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V and removed the Kuruma exploit in the process. What is the Kuruma exploit, you might ask? Well, a way for players to cooperate and earn over a million in-game dollars after a single heist.

Here’s how GTA Online’s Kuruma exploit worked. You needed to choose the Pacific Standard Heist, own an apartment on 0604 Las Lagunas Boulevard with an armored Kuruma in the garage, and play on Hard mode. The person pulling the Kuruma had to be on Crowd Control. At the end of the heist, you would access the garage, use the armored Kuruma, and just drive through the cops firing at them. Except now, as of January 26, 2017, it’s gone.

It’s odd that Rockstar would wait this long to patch the Kuruma exploit. I mean, GTA Online is rather old and this has been around for two years. At this point, let people have their fun!

Source: Kotaku

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 01/31/2017

01/31/2017 04:30PM


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