Final Fantasy XII HD Summons a July Release Date

Ha! You've clicked on this link, and now you have to listen to me gush about Final Fantasy XII. Finally, an abuse of power I can fully get behind!

Oh, right, the news. As part of last night's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Celebration, Square Enix unveiled a release date for the long-awaited Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, a high-definition remaster of Final Fantasy XII. It's slated to launch on PlayStation 4 in North America on July 11. The company also showed off new key artwork by character designer Akihiko Yoshida, which puts Ashe and Balthier front and center, as they should be. Sorry, Vaan - nothing against you, but you're not main character material.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age won't be the only way you can return to Ivalice this year. The upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood, will feature a series of raids based on the world of Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story. Balthier is even being added as a DLC summon in World of Final Fantasy. 2017 is a good time to be a fan of Ivalice designer Yasumi Matsuno.

Source: Press Release

Derek Heemsbergen
Derek Heemsbergen

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Date: 01/31/2017

01/31/2017 08:55PM


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