Mafia III DLC Coming in March, May, and July
Mafia 3

Mafia III is a great game, but do you know what the biggest problem is with it right now? There have been no story expansions for it! By now, you’re probably done with the main storyline. Don’t you worry, though. A solution is right around the bend. The three DLC expansions have been dated and will begin rolling out next month.

The Mafia III DLC lineup begins with Faster, Baby! in March. Lincoln Clay and Roxy Laveau hook up to stick it to the man. Civil Rights activists are being assaulted by a New Bordeaux sheriff. Fortunately, this duo can go and make things right. It’ll be followed by Stones Unturned in May, in which Lincoln has to make nice with John Donovan, a CIA agent, to finish something that started when he served in Vietnam. Finally, Lincoln will help Father James with ritualistic murders by single-handedly taking on a cult in July.

Really, one of the best parts of Mafia III was the story. Lincoln was a fantastic antihero. You had to love his crusades. These three add-ons are going to make a big difference. Especially since Faster, Baby! sounds like an awesome way to start!

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 02/03/2017

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