Overwatch’s Lucio Joins Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm

It’s time to welcome a new hero to Heroes of the Storm. He’s a familiar face. I mean, they’re always familiar faces, since this is a cross-over game where people from other Blizzard titles show up. But if you know Overwatch, then you’ll be especially happy to see Lucio as the third member of the cast to go to the MOBA. Zarya and Tracer have a new friend! He’s available on the public testing realm starting today.

Lucio functions in Heroes of the Storm the same way he does in Overwatch. He’s a support hero who’s good at healing and protecting allies, but he can also dish out a bit of damage. His damaging Sound Wave, healing and speed boosting Crossfade, Crossfade boosting Amp It Up, movement aiding Wall Ride, and shielding Sound Barrier all return from the first-person shooter. He does get one new skill, though. It's a heroic ability called Reverse Amp that works with Crossfade to either continually damage or slow enemies.

What I like about the Heroes of the Storm version of Lucio is that it feels as though it has a lot in common with his Overwatch iteration. He seems easy to learn and capable of doing decent damage or competent healing. For a support character, he’s really well-rounded. If you’re just getting started with this game, Lucio could help you as you learn which role you’d like play.

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 02/06/2017

02/06/2017 02:10PM


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