Beware This Bastion Exploit in Overwatch’s PTR

The Overwatch Public Test Region is a beta testing area for the PC version of the game. It lets Blizzard implement some tweaks and additions to the game and allow players to sample them. Some of these changes make it into the full game, others don’t. At the moment, there’s a wicked Bastion update that has created an Overwatch exploit that most assuredly won’t leave the PTR.

Basically, Bastion has temporarily become incredibly overpowered in certain Overwatch situations. The official version of the character has been in need of some rebalancing, as his sentry and tank modes have issues. So, in the PTR, he received an Ironclad ability for his sentry and tank modes that reduces damage by 35%. Fine. Good for Bastion.

This is where the Overwatch exploit comes in. If someone uses Ana’s Nano Boost ultimate, which hits one ally and reduces damage taken by 50% and increases damage dealt by 50%, on Bastion, the robot becomes nearly unbeatable. He suddenly takes 85% less damage for eight seconds and deals 50% more damage. That seems like a short amount of time, but would definitely hurt. Naturally, this means people are putting together teams with Anas and Bastions on them.

If you want to have some fun or try this Overwatch exploit in action, hop on the PTR! Blizzard could nerf it at any time!

Source: YouTube

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 02/13/2017

02/13/2017 02:10PM


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