Final Fantasy XV Survey Asks About DLC
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It’s coming up on three months since Final Fantasy XV was released, which means its a good time to reflect. The game was certainly a success, right? But Square Enix wants to be sure. So, it’s released a survey with 24 questions asking for people to say what they think. Most importantly, it wants to know about DLC. Did you buy this season pass? How do you feel about DLC? Have you bought DLC and season passes before? That sort of thing.

The last question in the survey is one of the most notable. It’s one where you need to fill in a blank instead of check boxes. While its tempting to skip such spaces, this one is rather neat. It asks, “If you ask one thing to the developers of Final Fantasy XV, what would it be?” Maybe the feedback you leave there will actually have an effect?

If so, then now’s the time. Let’s all ask for either Lunafreya or Iris to get their own DLC campaign. Well, either that or for a full-on, free Cup Noodle pack with themed armor and weapons, A Cup Noodle hat isn’t enough!

Source: Final Fantasy XV Player Survey

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 02/16/2017

02/16/2017 01:55PM


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