Canceled Die Hard Nintendo 64 Game Found
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Remember Die Hard: Vendetta on the GameCube (and company, if you’re in Europe)? As it turns out, that game was originally supposed to be on the Nintendo 64. As discovered by an Assembler Games forum member, the game was astonishingly far into its development, despite more or less never existing. 

Developed by Bits Studios, Die Hard 64 was on pace to drop in 1999 from Fox Interactive. It was announced, according to magazine records, but never shown to the press or public in any form. 10ahu, the aforementioned forum member and former employee of Bits Studios, came into possession of a set on ROM files comprising Die Hard 64. The game is split into three different files, and cannot be run on an emulator. The files must be run on actual Nintendo 64 hardware and contain about three playable levels each. The levels contain a host of weapons, a work-in-progress bit of a Max Payne-like bullet time feature, and some dialogue recorded by Bruce Willis himself.

The Die Hard 64 ROMS are unlikely to be compiled into something playable by everyone, so for now head over to Retro Collect and check out the story and accompanying footage. You can also play Die Hard: Vendetta for a look at what ultimately became the finished product.

Source: Retro Collect

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 02/28/2017

02/28/2017 03:50PM


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