Bethesda's Collaborating with AMD
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The Game Developers Conference is always sure to bring tons of great news for game developers and consumers alike. One bit of news released this week will be sure to make Fallout and The Elder Scrolls fans squeal with joy, myself included! The publisher behind these games, Bethesda, announced that they are crafting a “long-term strategic partnership” with graphics hardware giant AMD. The plan is to “combine hardware, software, and game engineering talents at both companies with the creative genius of Bethesda content developers to deliver extraordinary experiences on upcoming hardware architectures.” 

AMD’s Senior Vice President and Chief Architect, Raja Koduri, said that Bethesda is a leader in gaming and the right partner for this, “disruptive moment in the industry, as games demand increasingly more power from today’s graphics architectures to deliver detailed worlds and characters at ever higher resolutions, frame rates, and quality settings.” On the opposite side of the deal, Bethesda’s president, Vlatko Andonov. said, “Our relationship with AMD represents and exciting and powerful opportunity for Bethesda to further advance game experiences for our fans, significantly expand our presence in gaming and VR, and engage with new generations of gamers around the world.”

With seven projects currently in the works, Bethesda’s collaboration with AMD is sure to bring us some spectacular sights!

Source: GameSpot

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 03/01/2017

03/01/2017 06:05PM


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