Left 4 Dead’s Bill Is in Dead By Daylight
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Dead By Daylight’s Left Behind DLC has launched today, free of charge. Left Behind is all about Bill, a character from Valve’s classic zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. Following the events of The Sacrifice, Left Behind is a (non-canon) look at how Bill handles the events of that story from the original game.

Bill is a totally original character, with his own unique abilities and perks. The developers are excited about one perk in particular, called Borrowed Time. With this perk, Bill will be able to rescue a teammate from the killer’s meathook, and then subsequently take a hit from the killer without being knocked down. This opens up potential for a bunch of new strategies.

Valve allowed the Left 4 Dead crossover, which also includes costumes based on the rest of the game’s cast, as long as Steam users got the content for free. No word yet on any pricing for the console versions.

Source: Polygon

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/09/2017

03/09/2017 04:45PM


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