Primal Rage 2 Now Playable on Emulators
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A few years ago, a prototype arcade build of Primal Rage 2 showed up at Galloping Ghost Arcade. A dump of the board was made, but nobody could figure out how to make it run on an emulator for the world to see. Until now, that is. We all get to play Primal Rage 2 without heading to an Illinois arcade!

Primal Rage 2 is in such a state that it requires an emulator of its own to run. MAME4RAGE2 is a modified version of the popular arcade emulator MAME that literally only runs Primal Rage 2

The creator of MAME4RAGE2 (I needed to type that out again) stresses this is not 100%, and the emulation is still buggy. They are still working on it, but since Primal Rage 2 is largely playable, it was deemed fit for public release. For those of you curious about a game that is largely lost to time, check it out!

Source: MAME4RAGE2

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/15/2017

03/15/2017 03:15PM


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