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Battlefield 1’s new They Shall Not Pass DLC adds a whole bunch of weapons and stuff to the World War I shooter, but it also has a hidden bit of fun. Clearly, someone at DICE is a fan of Disney and/or Pixar, and especially the movie Up. Why? Because there's a great Battlefield 1 Easter egg referencing it.

To see the Battlefield 1 Up Easter egg in action, here’s what you have to do: First, play the game on the Verdun Heights map. That’s the easy part. Next, you have to find three bottles of wine. Naturally, shoot them. Once you murder the wine, the next step is finding (and also shooting) three rooster-topped weather vanes.

After the inanimate object carnage settles, you should see three giant balloons, in the color of the French flag, rising in the sky to the south. These balloons are hoisting a house into the air, which is more than likely a reference to Up, although it’s only three very French balloons carrying it instead of hundreds of colorful ones.

It’s pretty cool that developers of huge, AAA games like Battlefield 1 can still find the time and energy to toss in neat little bonuses like this. I find myself wondering how practical it is to pull this off in the middle of a match, and whether or not it can contribute to the flow of a battle. Distraction balloons?

Source: PC Gamer

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/21/2017

03/21/2017 03:25PM


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