Diablo III Seasons Coming to Consoles
Diablo III

Diablo III seasons have been available on PC for years now. In fact, PC gamers are progressing through their 10th season. But, they aren't the only ones who'll have them. On March 31, console owners will finally be able to join the fun! Seasons allow players to continue enjoying new content in their favorite games, so this addition to Diablo III's console versions is very much long overdue.

Here's how it works. A Diablo III season tends to last three months. Someone makes a seasonal character, which is only able to be used in that season. Players can then use that character for time-sensitive challenges, to place on season leaderboards, and earn special rewards that can be carried over after the season ends.  

So, who's still playing Diablo III on consoles? Are you super jazzed to finally be getting more content? Or are you kind of over it? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Source: Kotaku
Image Source: Game Wallpapers

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 03/22/2017

03/22/2017 05:05PM


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