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Battlefield 1 creators, DICE, are going to be introducing a new system for online play. Currently if you want to play on a new map, you and your friends all have to have purchased it. With this new system, that won't be necessary. DICE's Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will launch during Battlefest which starts on March 30. The way it stands now will be changeable, as DICE is going to listen to player feedback and change the Premium Pass accordingly. 

But enough of that, here's what the actual Premium Pass means for Battlefield 1 players. If you have a Premium Pass your in-game parties will be “Premium Enabled.” This means anyone in the party can play on any map whether they own it or not. Some extra features will be included for Premium Pass holders. Only owners of the Pass will gain XP from maps exclusive to expansions. XP earned by non-Pass holders will accrue and can be granted later if that person buys a Premium Pass down the line. Battlefield 1 Premium Pass holders will also be the only ones able to spawn in with weapons and vehicles from expansions. Additionally, they're the only ones that will gain progress towards unique expansion medals and codexes.

There's no indication yet as to how much this Premium Pass will cost, but it will be initiated tomorrow March 30 during Battlefest. Keep an eye out! Is this something you'd be interested in buying?

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April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 03/29/2017

03/29/2017 05:25PM


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