Blizzard Shuts Down Warcraft Tales World of Warcraft Mod
World of Warcraft

Recently, a huge fan-made mod called WarCraft Tales was announced for World of Warcraft. Its intent was to reshape the face of World of Warcraft content aimed at the earlier levels of the game, from 1-60, which are rather old compared to the rest of the game. Blizzard didn’t quite get on board with the project, however, and has unfortunately shut it down.

Early World of Warcraft, despite all the expansions and updates, is still very much early World of Warcraft. There's lots of text and none of the nice bells and whistles of the more contemporary content. The WarCraft Tales mod sought to fix that, adding voice acting and other bits of fanciness to make the “collect x animal guts” quests a little more narratively enticing.

Blizzard generally supports user-made add-ons, but did not see WarCraft Tales as an add-on. Instead, it saw it as an overhaul of World of Warcraft’s content. A Blizzard rep said they were impressed by the fans' ambition, but feared modifying the game on that scale could present huge technical issues, as well as overwrite the game’s official lore.

The creator of WarCraft Tales, BellularGaming, had a fair amount of money invested in the project, as well as a Patreon meant to fund further development and iteration. He is attempting to begin talks with Blizzard to figure out some sort of compromise or alternative path, but for now, collecting animal guts remains the same as always.

Source: PC Gamer 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/30/2017

03/30/2017 04:20PM


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