Persona 5 Soundtrack Released for a Steep Price
Persona 5

Tracking down videogame soundtracks for easy listening hasn’t been the smoothest road, especially for folks who like to pay for their media. Spotify and other streaming services have made some strides in AAA music being made more accessible, but when it comes to the Japanese stuff you never know. Luckily, the biggest and hottest from Japan, Persona 5, has popped up on iTunes. The full soundtrack is here, and it is expensive.

Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. Longtime fans of Japanese music are probably familiar with ludicrous price tags on imported CDs, but it’s a bit shocking to see such a high price tag on an iTunes release. However, the Persona 5 soundtrack does have a whopping 110 tracks, which may have something to do with it. That, and licensing fees, I’m sure. Picking up the whole album will run you $29.99.

As is generally the case with full video game album releases, the Persona 5 soundtrack has everything. By everything, I mean every little sub-30 second jingle to the awesome vocal tracks credited to an artist named Lyn. If grabbing the whole deal for thirty bucks seems excessive, you can also snag individual tracks on iTunes for the usual $1.29 a pop. For more dedicated fans, a physical version is in circulation, but as an import it’ll run you anywhere between $40 and $60 dollars.

Source: iTunes 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 04/19/2017

04/19/2017 03:35PM


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