Injustice 2 Achievements Include a Spoiler
Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is looming. Right on schedule, the achievements have become available to the general public. Generally this sort of reveal is commonplace and unremarkable, but one of the characters mentioned in the list has yet to be publicly announced. Whoops!

Injustice 2 spoilers after the jump!


Two different Injustice 2 achievements are about the Joker. One references beating the Joker a certain way with Harley Quinn, while the other defeating Batman a certain way while playing as Joker. The weird thing here is that Joker is supposedly dead in the Injustice universe, so it’ll remain to be seen if there’s a goofy retcon, other bizarre story reason, or if he’s just in there to be playable outside of the story.

I’m not about to present the Joker being playable as a massive spoiler, because that would be like suggesting Luigi in a Super Mario game is a revelatory event. That said, the next character reveal is scheduled for April 28, and it sure is unfortunate for NetherRealm if that was supposed to be for Joker.

Source: Gamespot 

Lucas White
Lucas White

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Date: 04/26/2017

04/26/2017 02:40PM


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