DayZ Finally Entering Beta Phase

In 2013, DayZ first became available for purchase. It was one of the early, high-profile releases in Steam’s Early Access program, something set in place that allowed developers to earn money to fund their games while still developing them. Four years later, DayZ is officially set to enter its beta phase.

Developer Bohemia Interactive has released a report with its update plans. The next update, version .62, is mostly about getting it ready for release. The rest of the development team is focused on .63, which will be the first step out of alpha. The report outlines the DayZ update in detail, but does not offer a time frame for the release. Version .62 has been delayed since its planned April release, due to unforeseen technical problems. 

Since it’s been a thing, Early Access has been a bountiful source of controversy. Obviously there are no guarantees in place that Early Access games will ever release in full capacity. One of the big drawbacks in developers publicly developing and supporting their games as players have live access to the game is frequent delays. This appears to cause games to take longer to develop, or perhaps seem that was as alpha-phase games are typically much less visible to the public. At least DayZ is one step closer to being done.

Source: Bohemia Interactive 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/03/2017

05/03/2017 03:40PM


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