Rockstar Announces GTA Online “Gunrunning” Expansion
Grand Theft Auto Online

The Grand Theft Auto Online support continues, and Rockstar has something big planned for the month of June. The expansion is currently called “Gunrunning,” and Rockstar is really emphasizing the size of the whole deal. Gunrunning is an extension of what has already been added in the Executives & Other Criminals and Bikers updates, and will be focused specifically on the business of illegal weapons trafficking

In a statement, Rockstar said, “While sharply dressed CEOs trade Special Cargo from lavish air conditioned suites, and leather-clad Bikers own the roadways moving illicit consumer goods. New opportunities are opening in a highly lucrative and equally malicious network hidden underground ripe for takeover by the VIPs, CEOs, and Biker bosses of Los Santos and Blaine County.”

In this Blaine Country area, players will be able to have “Hatches.” These “mysterious properties” can be utilized to equip players with “military-grade vehicles and weapons manufacturing equipment.” Using this content can be extra lucrative for the player.

Included in the update will be an APC, and a weapons update for the Tampa. Many other new weapons, upgrades and vehicles will be included, but Rockstar has yet to announce further details.

Source: GameSpot 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/26/2017

05/26/2017 04:10PM


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