E3 2017: Play Titanfall 2 Free for One Week
Titanfall 2

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Have you been wondering what the hype was about when it came to Titanfall 2? I hear you. After the first game fizzled, it was difficult to get excited about the sequel. But this one succeeded thanks to its multiplatform nature, single player campaign, and steady stream of free DLC. Now, you can see why it is so great firsthand during E3 2017.

EA and Respawn Entertainment are giving people a chance to try out Titanfall 2 for an extended trial. Until June 18, 2017, it is free to test it out. You can play The Pilot’s Gauntlet and The Beacon, the first and sixth missions in the campaign. The whole multiplayer experience is also available to enjoy.

Once the trial is done, maybe consider buying Titanfall 2 to keep going? It usually costs between $20 and $25 now. It has already received free A Glitch in the Frontier and Colony Reborn expansions this year!

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 06/12/2017

06/12/2017 01:25PM


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