Super Mario Odyssey Involves Capturing, Not Possession
Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has been called the best game at E3 by nearly everyone, including ourselves. The game is a brand new take on the Mario series, and it seems super fun to boot. Of the new game, the part that really got fans psyched was the new mechanic with Mario's hat.

Let me rephrase that, his “cap,” Cappy. Twitter and Tumblr user Sam Logan created a piece of art that went viral following its release. It showed Kirby who has eaten Mario, and another Kirby under the influence of Mario's hat Cappy. The latter is how Kirby would appear in Super Mario Odyssey after Mario threw his hat at him.  

Sam Logan listed the image with the phrase, “Kirby has been possessed by Mario.” It would seem this is incorrect however, as the official Nintendo of America account deemed it important to correct.

Kirby was not in fact possessed, but rather “captured.” It's a classic dad joke name for the mechanic, as it relates to Cappy. But even still, it makes sense for Nintendo to defend the in-game name for it. We don't want anyone getting confused with the word possession now do we!

Source: Polygon

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/21/2017

06/21/2017 05:35PM


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