Anthem Is a Sci-Fi Departure from Mass Effect

People are hungry for more information about BioWare’s big new IP, Anthem. Particularly, with big sci-fi games, people want to know what camp new media projects fall into. BioWare recently spoke to that, giving some insight into what players can expect in terms of tone and detail.

BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn spoke to Canadian radio station CBC about Anthem, saying the game can be considered what they call “science fantasy.” He said it’s “very much like Star Wars, very much like the Marvel Universe where you see a lot of amazing things happening, but we don’t worry too much about why they are happening or how they’re happening; the science of it.”

So there it is: Anthem is going to be a fairly significant departure from the likes of Mass Effect, ostensibly in areas such as lore and hard science details. While Mass Effect could be compared to the likes of, say, Alien in terms of its serious tone and high level of sci-fi detail (plausible or at least explained science, detailed lore in terms of biology, society, etc.), Anthem is going to be more light and blockbuster-y like Star Wars.

BioWare has historically been all about lore and details, so it will be interesting to see how a lighter style and tone will affect the developer’s reputation. This is especially crucial after the lukewarm reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Source: CBC 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 06/27/2017

06/27/2017 11:45AM


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