ARMS Update Brings a Hedlock Mode

The first upcoming update to ARMS has been highly anticipated, chiefly because of the ability to take control of Max Brass. As it turns out though, there's an even more powerful character that you'll be able to play. The July 12 update is going to give us Hedlok too!


The versus mode will offer this new mechanic. Within the match, there will be a Hedlok mask that players fight over. When one of you wins the mask, you'll be able to become Hedlok! At that point in time, the battle will shift to the other players having to take Hedlok down. What an advantage! The Hedlok mechanic will be available in every online and offline multiplayer mode. Better sharpen your skills to take on Hedlok!

The ARMS update also includes a bunch of generic balance tweaks, the nerfs and buffs that most fans will probably be able to predict. The development team is also looking at ways to prevent move spamming, so that players don't feel they're being dominated by a simple button smash. But the super cool, crème de la crème additions to ARMS are that Hedlok mode and Max Brass.

Source: Eurogamer

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/11/2017

07/11/2017 05:45PM


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