Production Ends on Standard New 3DS Model
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As we move further and further into the current generation, news of hardware lines ending production are coming at a steady clip. The standard model, better known as the smaller version with changeable faceplates, New 3DS is the next victim of the uncaring, linear flow of time. Nintendo Japan’s official website has updated its listing for the New 3DS, indicating the unit is no longer under production.

While the smaller New 3DS is out of commission, for now the 2DS, New 3DS XL, and of course the recently launched New 2DS XL are still actively being manufactured. Of course, announcements in Japan predate the same news elsewhere, so the status of the standard New 3DS outside of Japan is not known. It could be in trouble too.

This New 3DS model is likely out of the picture to make room for the New 2DS XL, which performs a similar function as the standard New 3DS and launched today in Japan. The New 2DS XL doesn’t launch in the US until July 28, so perhaps we’ll find out what happens to the old model here then. Considering how limited it was compared to the New 3DS XL, it will probably disappear here too.

Source: GameSpot 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/13/2017

07/13/2017 04:30PM


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