Destiny 2 Crucible Map Looks Very Familiar
Destiny 2

It's not unusual for game sequels to bring something back from the original title. It's a nod to those that played the first iteration of a series, and it gives new players a chance to enjoy something they might have missed and that the developer already is familiar with. This is happening now with Destiny 2. The newest map for the game is called Crucible, and players are realizing that it looks very familiar.

Destiny 2 creators have taken the Felwinter Peak map from the Destiny Rise of Iron DLC and reworked it. In the world of Destiny, Felwinter Peak is across from Rise of Iron's Iron Temple. It might seem like a cop-out to some, but really it's just a way to tie in the first game for that sense of nostalgia everyone craves in sequels. An artist on the Destiny 2 team, Jeff Horal, has made it clear that this is the only map we'll be seeing from the first game.

If you haven't heard, Destiny 2 will go into beta for consoles very soon. The start dates are as follows: PlayStation 4 pre-orders – July 18, Xbox One pre-orders – July 19, and July 21 for every console player that didn't pre-order. The PC beta for Destiny 2 will unfortunately be later sometime in August.

Will you be checking it out?

Source: Eurogamer

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/14/2017

07/14/2017 06:10PM


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