Minecraft Resolution Issue Fixed on Switch

Earlier this year, fans of Minecraft noticed the game, on Nintendo Switch, didn’t upscale from 720p to 1080p when docked. It is a feature many have come to expect from most Switch games. Microsoft responded, saying the issue is with the Minecraft software itself, rather than a power issue from Nintendo’s hybrid console/handheld platform.

An update launched for Minecraft on June 25 for the Nintendo Switch. It addresses a whole laundry list of issues, along with adding a few new bits of content as well. Included in this patch is a fix that does enable 1080p resolution when the Nintendo Switch is in TV Mode.

With the patch also comes Canyon (a free Glide track), the Biome Settlers 2 Skin pack, Terracotta and Glazed Terracotta layers in Tumble, improved performance to Solo Glide and an update to the Totem of Undying adding Fire Resistance II. It's a really big deal. Anyone with the Switch version of Minecraft should download this update as soon as possible. 

Source: VG 24/7 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/25/2017

07/25/2017 04:30PM


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