Pokemon GO Unveiling Two More Legendaries
Pokemon Go

Amidst all the drama and hubbub of the Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic has rolled out legendary Pokemon in the popular augmented reality mobile game. Lugia and Articuno were released first. Now Zapdos and Moltres have been announced. Each Pokemon will be available for a limited time as confirmed by Niantic.

Articuno is currently available in Pokemon GO, and will be available for players through Monday, July 31. After that, Moltres will appear in the game up until August 7. Zapdos will follow that until August 14. Does it bug anyone else that it's going "uno, tres, dos" instead of "uno, dos, tres"?

For now, there is no word if these limited time windows will be permanent or if the legendary bird trio will be making additional appearances further down the line. However, Lugia, another legendary in the game, will remain as a chance encounter during legendary Raid Battles.

These announcements come from Niantic’s official blog, in a post that largely addresses the unfortunate events at the first Pokemon GO Fest. The blog post also outlines compensation for attendees, as well as offering an explanation for what caused the technical issues at the event.

Source: Niantic 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/26/2017

07/26/2017 04:05PM


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