Blizzard Taking Overwatch Abuse Seriously

There has been talk for quite some time about the toxic gaming environment that tends to exist within Overwatch. Blizzard has been making attempts left and right to correct this situation, and even more recently have released news of further improvements. It would appear that the already existing reporting system within the game will be getting improvements over the next few months. Additions will include a notification system that will allow players to be updated when someone they've reported gets penalized, and functions that will combat reporting tool abuse. 

There will also be much heavier penalties for those who are committing acts of bad behavior, effective immediately. This behavior itself means abusive chat, harassment, spam, inactivity during matches, and griefing, according to Blizzard. When players are reported and verified as committing any of these acts, they will be suspended, silenced, or banned from Overwatch as a whole.

Blizzard really is taking abuse seriously within the Overwatch community, and these updates are a good sign that they care about their community. No only will the previous updates will be made to the PC reporting process, but Blizzard also has plans to initiate an in-game reporting tool in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Overwatch.

What it all comes down to is the players. If you see someone doing something they really shouldn't be doing, make sure you report them. And don't mess with the system for exacting petty revenge. Abusing it doesn't help anyone.

Source: The Escapist

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/27/2017

07/27/2017 06:00PM


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