League of Legends Gets a Reality TV Show
League of Legends

Esports have reached a new plateau. I mean, there are large tournaments hosted across the world, there are scholarships for those seeking a professional gaming career, and there's even been talk of adding esports to the Olympics. Now it looks like esports is making a move to that most revered of media forms: reality television. Yup, there already have been shows based on the topic, and now there will be another. The latest will be called The Next Gamer, focuses on League of Legends, and will take place in Australia.

The Next Gamer will take 40 League of Legends players and pit them against each other to decide who will be on the show. A five day battle of the best will decide which 10 players get to be on The Next Gamer. Once they have made it that far, they'll head to The Next Gamer house in Sydney, Australia. Over a week's time, they'll compete in daily LoL tournaments and other challenges. This will whittle their numbers down to five. At this point, the five remaining competitors will work together as a team to take on professional teams from Australia and the surrounding islands.

The live finale of The Next Gamer will pit that team of LoL players against one Oceanic Pro League team. At this point, only one of them will continue. The top player from the team of five will win $10,000. That playr will also get a six month contract as a professional gamer with one of Australia's best LoL teams.

If you live in Australia and love League of Legends, you should really sharpen your skills. You could be “The Next Gamer.”

Source: Eurogamer

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/31/2017

07/31/2017 05:45PM


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