Nintendo Confirms Super NES Classic Edition Pre-Orders
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The Super NES Classic Edition has gotten tons of attention since it was announced. The retro re-release is something that will be appreciated by many gaming fans old and new. The inclusion of tons of games that people love to play only helps its case. And of course, the unreleased Star Fox 2 just pushes everyone right over the edge. Recently there was a pretty massive problem with the Super NES Classic Edition when it came to actually purchasing it. Walmart canceled tons of pre-orders, due to an error where the listing was posted too soon. Many fans were outraged, and quite frankly, they are right to be. 

Today, Nintendo released an official announcement on their Facebook page saying that they appreciate the anticipation for the system. They confirmed that pre-orders will be available for the Super NES Classic Edition late this August via various retailers. They didn't list any of those retailers, and of course there's no exact date yet for these pre-orders. So essentially, Nintendo is leaving it up to you and the big box stores to communicate and go from there.

Nintendo also confirmed that more Super NES Classic Editions would be sent to stores for launch day. Still more will be sent out for the rest of the calendar year. Fans called out in the comments for limits on purchase numbers, so scalpers won't be able to sell the Super NES Classic Edition for outrageous prices. Nintendo did not respond to any of these, so it's hard to say whether purchase limits will indeed be initiated or not. 

Source: Nintendo Facebook

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/01/2017

08/01/2017 04:20PM


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