New Prey Update Addresses PS4 Problems

Back when Prey launched, it saw a pretty divisive critical response. Part of that, such as in our review, was a sense of unoriginality in the game’s fiction. Other critics cited several performance issues, especially with the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Issues like input lag, screen tearing, and more would appear. In a new update, those fires may have been finally extinguished.

The previous patch, version 1.04, added PlayStation 4 Pro support along with some adjustments to address the input lag. Prey has now been bumped up to version 1.05, which seeks to make sure everything is nice and smooth once and for all. Bethesda alleges that with this update, the visual stuttering and screen tearing issues are a thing of the past. Some outlets, like Digital Foundry, appear to be agreeing with those claims after some assessment.

While that part is a fix explicitly for the PlayStation 4, the update also addresses several issues that were troubling Prey on every platform. The patch notes are pretty long! There are UI updates, bug fixes, balance adjustments and more. It makes quite a difference!

Source: GameSpot 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/04/2017

08/04/2017 02:50PM


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