Bungie Makes Destiny 2 Beta Streaming Difficult
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Destiny 2 creators, Bungie, are taking a hard stance against streaming for their upcoming beta. They say it is to prevent cheating from apps that change game clients (ever so slightly) in order to have the best streaming quality. No matter their reasoning, it's a hard blow to anyone who was planning on streaming the beta.

OBS and XSplit are the two of the most popular streaming programs used today. These will not be able to function fully while playing the Destiny 2 beta. The reason for this is Bungie is blocking Game Capture mode. For those who have never streamed before, this is the easiest way to stream games, as the capture program basically does all the hard work for you. The added benefit is also that you can play the game fullscreen while the streaming program runs in the background or on a different monitor.

Bungie is telling streamers that they'll have to use screen and window capture in windowed mode if they want to use OBS or XSplit. For those who simply can't bring themselves to play a game windowed, their only other option is to use an external capture device or one of the streaming softwares directly from hardware manufacturers like Nvidia or AMD. By using the official hardware apps, streamers can play fullscreen while still preventing the game client changes Bungie so fears.

Bungie has also blocked overlays and notifications from other services like Discord or Mumble. So streamers will have to keep track of fan interaction by other means like a different monitor with the chat log open, or a phone app version of the services.

The Destiny 2 PC pre-order beta starts on August 28, and continues through August 31. Those who haven't pre-ordered can start playing the beta on August 29 and play through the same end date. All of Bungie's blocks and bans will mean streamers will have to revert to a very basic set-up though.

Source: GameSpot

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/04/2017

08/04/2017 06:00PM


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