LeVar Burton Joins Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online

Star Trek fans who have been with the series for quite some time will have reason to celebrate with this news. Star Trek Online has been around for seven years now, but is still seeing regular updates. Most recently, there will be a character addition that is sure to excite. Star Trek: The Next Generation has been out for 30 years, so Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) is being added to the game.

Star Trek Online is set in a time period a few years after what happened in Star Trek Nemesis. Therefore, the familiar Star Trek: The Next Generation character, Geordi La Forge, has been promoted to captain of his own ship. His first episode, coming out September 12, is called Beyond The Nexus. Within it, Geordi and his crew will be taking a closer look at an incoming distress call.

More of Geordi's adventures will continue in October with Star Trek Online's 14th season called Emergence. The episode it starts with is called Melting Pot and will mark Geordi's second appearance in the game. He'll be exploring a new world where the Kentari and Lukari (from Mirror and Smoke) are celebrating the reunion of their peoples. It may all seem well and good, but as soon as the player enters the colony, things will get real.

Season 14 of Star Trek Online will not only include Geordi La Forge, there will also be a new colony map special event, a Primary Specialization called Miracle Worker, two new holding defense queues for fleets, and a Tzenkethi Red Alert. The 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation will bring a new ship interior, purchasable items like the uniform from Season One, and the Type 7 shuttlecraft to Star Trek Online. Many giveaways and more will also be celebrating the anniversary and the release of Star Trek: Discovery.

Seems like a decent time to check out Star Trek Online again, if you've been a fan. At the least, it will be awesome to work with La Forge.

Source: GameWatcher

April Marie
April Marie

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Date: 08/07/2017

08/07/2017 05:50PM


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