Rocket League Initiates Language Ban System
Rocket League

Rocket League has been making all kinds of updates and changes throughout their history, but this most recent one is a great milestone. The team behind the popular soccer-with-cars video game have initiated a system that will ban players based on language. According to developer Psyonix, of the thousands of player reports they get daily, most are related to abuse and harassment within the game centered around certain language.

It's due to this that Psyonix's new Language Ban system has been put in place. There is a list of over 20 words (and their variations) that currently exist on this list. Each word has a limit in place on it. If a player is reported having reached the limit allotted for a certain word or phrase, they will be automatically banned.  

The time periods for the bans will start at 24 hours, then go to 72 hours, a week, and eventually a permanent ban. Psyonix will not be releasing their list of words that they are using, but they have mentioned that they will be adding to it. The Language Ban system will supposedly evolve organically and will eventually include even more words and phrases, including those in other language. So those of you who think you're being smart by cursing people in other languages, beware! Psyonix is coming for you.

The team plans to monitor feedback from players about this new system. If you've got something to say about it, reach out to them on their social channels or through Reddit. They say they will be listening, so your voices should not reach deaf ears.

What do you think of Rocket League's Language Ban system?

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April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/07/2017

08/07/2017 05:55PM


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