Blizzard Renames Its Online Service Again
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Almost a year ago, Blizzard confusingly rebranded its long-running content service,, as the Blizzard app. After further consideration and more confusion surrounding Destiny 2, Blizzard has renamed the service yet again. It is now called Blizzard, a sort of kitchen sink approach.

Much of this brand confusion was exacerbated when Activision, upon announcing Destiny 2’s debut on the previously Blizzard-only service, referred to the platform as despite Blizzard’s attempted re-branding.

I imagine the original name change was meant to ensure gamers know was exclusively a Blizzard platform, especially as the space has now grown a bit crowded with services like Origin and Uplay, among others. Attaching that Blizzard identifier was likely the key part, so keeping the around as a concession to the longtime fans (and for the sake of anyone else aware of the service) is a fine compromise for anyone who cares.

Source: Blizzard 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/15/2017

08/15/2017 03:20PM


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