Eve: Valkyrie Removes VR Requirement, Adds New Stuff
EVE: Valkyrie

Eve: Valkyrie is known as one of the first major releases in the virtual reality gaming realm. It's an epic space battle game on PC VR headsets and the PlayStation VR. There's a new update coming September 26, however, that will change the tide of battle. On that date, anyone who already owns Eve: Valkyrie will get a free update, Warzone, that adds tons of new stuff to the game. Most remarkably, it adds the ability to play without VR.

The previously entirely virtual reality Eve: Valkyrie will be possible to play 2D on your regular screen. Already, players across PC and PS4 platforms can play together, and this will be true outside of virtual reality as well. It won't matter which system you're playing on or whether or not you're using VR, you'll be able to battle with or against your friends.

This isn't the only big change that Warzone will bring to  Eve:Valkyrie. There will also be a newly added Extraction mode and two maps: Fleet and Outpost. Extraction mode is similar to the typical capture the flag mode in most online games. All ships will be unlocked early on, and Ultra abilities are going to be introduced. You'll be able to activate these abilities with the repurposed Salvage resource.

Rewards have been tweaked or added. Gold is gone, and you'll see less Silver. XP will be earned as you use ships, and that XP will then allow you to buy mods for that particular ship. You'll also get Reward Capsules from Spoils of War. When these are pried open, they'll reveal options to customize your ships and pilots.

All of these changes and additions will be coming to Eve: Valkyrie on September 26 for free for those who already own the game. Those who don't will get the game with the update on and after September 26. It's currently on sale for $30.

Source: GameSpot

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/15/2017

08/15/2017 05:45PM


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