WWE 2K18 Could Be the Series' Most Realistic Entry
WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 is slowly but surely creeping towards its October release date, and fans are chomping at the bit. There's something about the video game community and professional wrestling that already go hand-in-hand. Needless to say, that makes wrestling games like WWE 2K18 kind of a big deal. This is especially true as the latest entry in the franchise, because newer should mean better, right?

Some big changes have been revealed about WWE 2K18 that will hopefully make it the best. Here's what's been discovered thus far. Thanks to WWE 2K18's AI system, Elimination Chamber matches shouldn't be anywhere near as frustrating as before. Rather than all of the competitors moving directly next to each other, the AI forces some space between players. This allows for more nuanced matches, rather than a chaotic frenzy. 

Another addition is the inclusion of over 80 new animations. These all add to the ability to sell your moves to the audience. Not only are there tons of new ways to sell your attacks, there's an added bit of realism. In the beginning of a match the sells are intense and full of strength. But as the match goes on the sells become weaker and shorter.

The last of the really big changes to WWE 2K18 is the addition of 12 interference scenarios. Players will be able to utilize distractions to force a quick win at the beginning of a match. This will however, leave them open to a beat down by their opponent with full energy.

Some of the smaller changes to WWE 2K18 include raising the difficulty of kick-outs, being able to pick up and carry opponents smaller than you, and more advanced lighting. We'll find out for sure when the game releases this October.

Source: IGN

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/17/2017

08/17/2017 06:15PM


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