Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Has a Trophy Issue
Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Platinum trophy hunters are sure to pick up their torches and pitchforks at the end of this month. That's when Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, releases and it has quite a catch. Its platinum trophy appears to be trapped within the game's deluxe edition.

As we all well know, platinum trophies are only acquired when a player completes all the requirements to earn every other trophy in a game. There's one trophy in particular in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm called “Complete Farewell.” Unfortunately, the episode "Farewell" only comes Life Is Strange: Before the Storm's deluxe edition. It's possible that this might become available as a downloadable episode later. However for now, the Platinum trophy will only be possible for those with that deluxe edition.

This is just another small crack in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm's facade before it even launches. The game has already had some controversy over the fact that one of the main characters is not voiced by the same actor. Ashly Burch was participating in a voice actor strike, so she only had a part in Before the Storm as a consultant. Hopefully the replacement actress is just as good, and the Platinum trophy becomes available to everyone eventually. Otherwise, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm might be dead in the water.

Sources: Destructoid & PSN Profiles

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/18/2017

08/18/2017 05:40PM


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