ARMS “Ver.3” Introduces New Character

The next big ARMS patch is coming soon, and Nintendo released a trailer introducing the “Ver.3” update. It also serves as the debut trailer for a brand-new fighter. She is the second addition to the roster and first character that wasn’t already in the game in some previous form.

The new character, Lola Pop, appears to be a French(ish) clown. She is shown off in what appears to be a new stage as well, an area ostensibly made of candy and sweets and featuring a vaguely European music track. As you can guess, she is a candy-themed character.

Lola Pop has a new set of ARMS. One of which is a set of nunchaku that can be manually spun for its additional effect. Another is a set of shields that seem to deflect attacks. The third pair of ARMS are shown equipped, but not used. She also has the ability to inflate herself for some additional defensive properties.

The update doesn’t have a release date, but Nintendo will be reopening the Global Testpunch app from August 25 to August 27 for a post-release free trial.

Source: Business Wire 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/22/2017

08/22/2017 04:40PM


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