Warner Bros. Promoting Shadow of War with Totino’s
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Much to the chagrin of pro-consumer industry figures such as Jim Sterling, Warner Bros. has initiated what is branded as the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War “Official Pre-Launch Program.” You may be wondering, "What does that mean?" Well at this point, it means buying Totino’s pizza (or pizza rolls, I guess) will net Shadow of War fans codes for in-game currency.

Gold, of course, is the in-game currency on sale for real money in the Shadow of War marketplace, which in turn becomes the game’s various forms of loot containers. These net the player rewards such as new Orcs for their army, new abilities, and equipment. Gold is the higher-tier in-game currency. There’s also one you can earn during regular play to exchange for random chances at good new stuff, but the exchange/return rate is of course tilted in favor of buying and using gold.

In addition to gold codes, there also appears to be some sort of contest as a part of this promotion. Starting on September 1, the “battle for epic prizes” gets rolling, the assumption being buying Totino’s products also nets an entry into a contest drawing. Advertised is a Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Xbox One S bundle and “more.”

Source: Totino’s 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/28/2017

08/28/2017 04:35PM


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