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Pokemon Sun & Moon

If you're playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, you'll want to head over to your local GameStop! Right now they're giving away codes for players to get Salazzle to play with until September 4. But coming soon, GameStop will have another Pokemon Sun and Moon creature for players to enjoy!

This time, you'll be able to get the Pokemon Marshadow for free from GameStop. It's a mythical fighting/ghost-type that will be available starting October 9. At GameStops in the U.S., Marshadow will be given to players as level 50 with his Marshadium Z crystal. This gives it the ability to use the move 7-Star Strike. The other moves that will come with Marshadow through GameStop is Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow Ball. This little ghost is only available through GameStop, there's no other way to catch it at this moment in time.

Between October 9 and October 23 you'll be able to get a code from GameStop. Once you have this, you just go to the Mystery Gift section of your main menu in Pokemon Sun and Moon. If you click the option to receive your gift via code or password you'll be able to enter what you got from GameStop. After that, Marshadow will be all yours to pick up from a Pokemon Center within the game.

Source: GameSpot

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/29/2017

08/29/2017 05:00PM


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