Japanese Stores Selling Xbox One S as an Blu-ray Player
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Japan has never been a market in which Microsoft has seen tons of success in terms of video games. But when it comes to the Xbox One, things are especially dire. For example, Kotaku reports that a whopping 63 units of the Xbox One sold in the entire country in the last week. As a result, game and tech shops are starting to look for more creative ways to get their Xbox units off their shelves. One of those methods is amusing, as it highlights one of the more bizarre limitations of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

As reported by Kotaku, a shop in Japan was spotted selling the newer Xbox One S as, primarily, an Ultra HD Blu Ray player. Yes, this roughly 300-dollar gaming console is being marketed as a movie box that also happens to play games. Even better is the display unit featuring this selling point is the Minecraft bundle.

If you’re wondering if this is actually working, the answer is probably not, but maybe a little. A Twitter search has revealed a few examples of people purchasing the Xbox One S specifically for the purpose of having an Ultra HD Blu Ray player. Movies like Your Name, one of the most successful anime movies of late, are shown as fuel for that line of reasoning.

Of course, the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony’s own 4K-capable gaming box, doesn’t support Ultra HD Blu Rays. There may be a deliberate reason for this, but on paper it’s a bewildering downside. As amusing as this story may be, it does highlight a key difference between the two consoles that 4K enthusiasts may want to be aware of when making a purchase decision.

Source: Kotaku

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 09/07/2017

09/07/2017 04:30PM


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