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Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon are still getting all kinds of special promotions, and the most recent is tied to the upcoming Pokemon film. Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! releases in limited theaters on November 5, and this Sun and Moon promotion will run all the way through October 30. That covers the when, but the what is a special Pikachu wearing Ash's hat. How do you get this special Pikachu?

Between September 19 and October 30 you'll be able to get one Pikachu wearing one of six different Pokemon hats from the website. A code will be available on the website. The day you use it on determines which one you get. The hats will not be the only thing different about these Pikachus, as each will have their own special moves that match where and when they are from. While there will be six different Pikachus, you will only be able to get one unfortunately. So a hard decision will have to be made.

The first Pikachu will have Ash's original hat and will be available from September 19 to the 25. From the 26 to October 2 the Pikachu in question will have a Hoenn hat from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The Pikachu available from October 3 through the 9 will have a Sinnoh hat from Diamond and Pearl. October 10 through 16 will give players the chance at a Pikachu with an Unover hat from Black and White. A Pikachu with a Kalos hat from X and Y will be online from October 17 to 23. Finally, the Pikachu with an Alola hat from Pokemon Sun and Moon will be given out between October 24 and 30.

If you're playing Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, you'll unfortunately have to go through an extra step to get a special Pikachu. The only Pikachu available for Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon players is the one with Ash's original hat, and it's obtainable through a QR code that will be given out to attendees of the I Choose You! film. Moviegoers get one extra little goodie in the form of an Ash's Pikachu Pokemon trading card though, so that's a nice bonus.

You have between September 19 and October 30 to claim one special Pikachu for Pokemon Sun and Moon. So make sure you bookmark and decide which one you'd like the most.

Source: Destructoid

April Marie
April Marie

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Date: 09/08/2017

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