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For Honor

If you're still playing For Honor, then you'd best keep a look out on the horizon. A future free update will put a new mode into the game called Tribute. It's a “capture the flag” type mode with a little bit of a twist.

You and three of your friends will fight to find and return three different offerings to your team's three Shrines. Tribute is a 4v4 mode, so you'll have four enemy combatants to watch out for. The offerings you and your team find will have different bonuses, depending on which Shrine you bring it to. This puts a whole new spin on the capture the flag mentality, since you'll benefit from each blessing differently. Strategizing with your team is crucial.

The Vindicator Blessing will make capturing and carrying Offerings faster, and will also give the entire team boosted attack. The Guardian Blessing will make capturing your own Offerings slower for the enemy team, and will also give everyone a small shield that regenerates. The Oracle Blessing will allow you and the rest of your team to see where the entire enemy team is, including whoever is currently carrying an Offering. This will be viewable on the game's radar and just by looking around you. This is a side effect of the entire team's awareness increasing.

The future update that will include Tribute mode is not dated yet. Hopefully a release date will be announced soon.

Source: IGN

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 09/13/2017

09/13/2017 04:20PM


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