How Did Controversial Gauntlets End Up in Destiny 2?
Destiny 2

Bungie has been under some major fire recently because of a set of gauntlets in Destiny 2. The armor in question was called the Road Complex AA1 gauntlets, and they had what looked like the word “KEK” emblazoned on the side. This is a symbol that is being used by white supremacist groups, and therefore is incredibly inappropriate for use in Destiny 2.

The gauntlets were removed from the game immediately, but Bungie is now speaking out more specifically about how this happened. The developer pointed towards the struggles of graphic design. Supposedly, the designers were referencing chevrons and other simple shapes to create the design on the gauntlets. Essentially, the gauntlet design was supposed to be just a number of shapes combined. They happened to reach the unfortunate combination that we saw, which resembled the KEK logo.

This was actually recognized by an internal review team within Bungie. However, the reviewers in question only looked at the origins of the KEK meme. They didn't research far enough into the modern usage of the meme, and thus the design was approved. Bungie recognizes that this is not acceptable, and they're looking at what changes they can make to prevent this from happening again.

Bungie wants to address once more that Destiny 2 is for any and all players. They hope that this grievous mistake will not deter anyone from enjoying their game.

Source: Gamasutra

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 09/15/2017

09/15/2017 04:20PM


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