Fortnite May Have Added Cross-Play

In the past few months, cross-platform play has become a hot button topic. The technology for it exists, but not everyone wants to use it. Sony has remained staunchly against cross-play between its PlayStation 4 and everyone else. It would appear that this stance may be weakening as time goes on. Cross-platform play has possibly been integrated and activated in Fortnite from Epic Games.

There have been many different instances of PlayStation 4 players seemingly noticing Xbox One gamertags in their matches. Some of the proof includes matches that show gamertags with spaces in them. Sony does not allow spaces in usernames, but Microsoft does. There's also been some video of an Xbox gamer playing Fortnite with the same gamertag that a PlayStation 4 player spotted.

More and more instances of Fortnite cross-play have been cropping up all over the internet. Even more PlayStation 4 users are seeing Xbox One gamertags, and one father and son team even played the game together. The kicker on that last one is that the father was on Xbox One while the son was using a PlayStation 4.

Has the team over at Epic activated cross-play secretly to see if Sony would notice? Or has the Sony finally realized that everyone wants cross-play? There's no official word from either company yet, but here's hoping this is the start of something great.

Source: Eurogamer

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 09/18/2017

09/18/2017 04:40PM


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