Microsoft Changes Forza 7 VIP Description
Forza Motorsport 7

Last week, trouble continued to brew in microtransaction land after Forza Motorsport 7’s in-game purchases were revealed. This week, some of the controversy has been addressed by its publisher, Microsoft. Unfortunately, this didn’t manifest in the way the Forza community may have hoped.

To recap, the issue in Forza Motorsport 7 is with Mods. Mods are new inclusions in the Forza equivalent of loot boxes, which modify the player’s next race and give them a CR bonus. Previously, changing the game settings in older entries in the series would produce a similar result. As it turns out, this also had an effect on Forza Motorsport 7's VIP status.

Previously, getting VIP status would entitle Forza fans to permanent bonuses to their CR earnings. Now, the $100 Ultimate Edition for Forza Motorsport 7 entitles players to five Mod cards, the kind that normally come in the loot boxes. But the caveat is, Mods are consumable, so this gives players 25 temporary CR boosts instead of the traditional permanent one.

Of course, the product description didn’t explicitly allude to the consumable nature of Mods. So, quietly, Microsoft added that in parenthetical form after the controversy fires flared up. The text, which is the Microsoft Store listing for Forza Motorsport 7, now reads “five uses each per card.” The new structure is still in place, but is now slightly more transparent.

Source: Windows Central 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 10/02/2017

10/02/2017 04:45PM


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