"New" Destiny Content Arrives on Xbox Today
Destiny: Rise of Iron

Sony and Microsoft have been doing their absolute best in recent years to get along. The cross-play catastrophe aside, there have been moments where the two mega companies have coexisted just fine. Even in those moments though, there are still some hang-ups. The best example of this is the Destiny content that was exclusive to the PlayStation systems first. The original Destiny released in September of 2014 and only now is some of its exclusive PlayStation content hitting Xbox consoles.

Activision and Sony had a deal that any PlayStation exclusive content would stay exclusive for at least a year. The partnership kind of took advantage of that “at least” part, clearly, since a lot of stuff from the third Destiny expansion, The Taken King, is finally releasing over two years later. The things you can now access today on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One if you own The Taken King are as follows: two exotic rifles (Jade Rabbit and Zen Meteor), a Crucible map on Earth called Sector 618, a strike on Venus called Echo Chamber, Sublime Engram amor for any of the classes, and a quest from Petra Venj titled “Fight Fire with Fire.”

Today also marks the release of Rise of Iron content on Xbox Ones after their PlayStation 4 exclusivity window. You can get Iron Camelot armor from Dusty Iron Engrams for all the classes, a Crucible map that takes place on Mercury called Icarus, and the quest “Show of Strength” is available from Tyra Karn.

The wording on the PlayStation exclusives for Destiny 2 unfortunately seem even looser than the original game. As of right now, the PlayStation 4 exclusive content will not reach PCs and Xbox Ones until at least Fall 2018. So really, it's anyone's guess when it will arrive, but hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Source: Polygon

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 10/04/2017

10/04/2017 04:05PM


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