Final Fantasy XIV's Housing Shortage Is a Real Problem
Final Fantasy XIV

If you can believe it, Final Fantasy XIV has a housing shortage! The most recent update to the MMO, called The Legend Returns, was set to bring more houses into the game, but it's backfired completely. Essentially what was meant to be an olive branch, a goodwill gesture, has turned into a dumpster fire.

Previously, there were only around 2,000 homes available on an entire server. These can be owned by single people or guilds. However, there's no limit on how many plots of land a single person or guild can own. Thus many people and free companies have been buying up all kinds of properties, which makes it even harder for others to purchase. The only thing Square Enix has done to seemingly help this situation is add more plots in this Legend Returns update.  

The amount of plots that were added are infinitesimal compared to the number of players that are seeking to own a home in Final Fantasy XIV. 720 houses were added during this update, and they sold out faster than anyone could have predicted. Lengthy login queues were a problem today, due to many players wanting to try out the update and seeking to purchase land. Players who planned to buy were stuck waiting to login while their home owning chances vanished.

Even those who managed to get into Final Fantasy XIV and rush to the area where they wanted to buy one of the new plots were generally out of luck. Other players were using dirty tactics to delay those that might buy. Trade requests would keep potential homebuyers from being able to complete their task. Sites were recommending players to set themselves to busy to prevent this.

It's really unfortunate that such a large MMO (especially with a paid subscription fee) has such a big problem like this. There are apartments available for people to purchase as well, but there's nothing like owning a home that you can share with your friends or guildmates. Did you try to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV? What was your experience?

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April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 10/12/2017

10/12/2017 04:15PM


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