Unlimited Shadow Wars Coming to Shadow of War
Middle-earth: Shadow of War

At the end of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the game shifts into Shadow Wars, a finite series of battles the player can run through that sees their fortresses fall under a series of attacks. After capturing/defending/recapturing/ until it’s over, the player will eventually get a bonus ending of sorts. Fans have been asking about being able to play these battles indefinitely however, and Monolith is delivering exactly that.

During a live stream of Shadow of War, Monolith confirmed that perpetual Shadow Wars will arrive as a free update. It will launch alongside Shadow of War’s first paid DLC, the Slaughter Tribe.

Shadow Wars is the meat and potatoes of Shadow of War’s systems, the logical extension to the loot box-fueled expansion to the game’s famous Nemesis System. Shadow of War’s metagame is all about building the strongest army possible, and Shadow Wars are the means with which the game justifies that meta.

Extending Shadow Wars beyond the limited number of encounters was in such high demand, the community launched a petition for it. So it’s neat to see the feature come so quickly after launch and for free. It’s a notable goodwill move for a game that has been under community fire for the microtransactions.

Source: Eurogamer 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 10/17/2017

10/17/2017 05:05PM


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